Conquest Shipping Cross Trade Service


Conquest have the capabilities and expertise to deal with the most complex cross trade requirements, servicing shipments of all sizes to even the most hard to reach destinations.

By utilising our extensive network of overseas agents, we offer a complete freight service covering practically any non UK port. i.e. Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg to and from the Far East, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, South America to West Africa, China to India etc.

Our service

We can help you maximise your global trade and manufacturing opportunities by bringing the world to your door.

At Conquest Shipping we organise the shipping from the overseas supplier and move goods directly to the overseas customer. We ensure supplier/customer anonymity to maintain confidentiality for our client. This involves arranging the transport, the local Customs formalities, exporter/importer of record issues, documentation and local duties & taxes.

We guarantee that shipments and deliveries are handled efficiently both in transit and through to final clearance and delivery at destination. We have a global network of agencies and contacts, who are knowledgeable with experienced personnel providing expert support for the arrangement of your cross trade movements. We handle complex cross trade shipments over land, sea and air for shipments of any size from just about any port in the world to even the most difficult to reach destinations.

We understand the complexity involved when handling documentation, for this reason we ensure paperwork is handled with care.

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Overview of our Cross Trade services

  • We offer a complete freight service covering practically any non UK port.
  • We utilise our extensive network of overseas agents.
  • Bills of lading can normally be issued in London.
  • Product shipped direct from origin to end user destination.
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