Conquest Shipping Import Service


We manage customs clearance at all UK seaports and airports within our London office, offering one central control point irrespective of the port of entry.

Our service

We offer an import service from the point of collection at your suppliers premises anywhere in the world right through to delivery to your door in the UK. Through our network of quality and hand-picked overseas agents we ensure that we provide a cost effective solution to your import shipping needs.

Conquest Shipping are truly your total solution for your import requirements.

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Overview of our Import services

  • Experts in refrigerated cargo.
  • Unloading of awkward, heavy weight cargos i.e. steel coils, machinery.
  • Customs clearance at all UK seaports, airports and foreign import documentation.
  • Warehousing and distribution of import cargo (we can offer bonded warehouse facilities in Immingham, Ipswich, Liverpool, Southampton and Tilbury).
  • Container and trailer deliveries throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Container unloading, palletising (including Chep) and distribution.
  • Inward freight and haulage rates from practically any point of origin, with specific emphasis on the USA, Far-East, Africa, South America and the Mediterranean.
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