Nationwide container transport, delivering across the UK and Europe.

Conquest Shipping offers a nationwide container shipping and delivery service from all major ports. We have a range of vehicle types operating from depots across the country, including the ability to transport hazardous cargo.

At Conquest Shipping we always endeavour to listen to your needs and provide a tailored solution and suitable container delivery method.

We aim to take away the hassle and frustration that may come with container shipping and delivery, whether you want your container delivered on the ground, on a tipping chassis, conventional chassis, or low loader, at any time of day or night.

You will also have peace of mind knowing that your freight is being handled by a ‘Safety First’ logistics company when you choose Conquest Shipping. We also provide a Premium Service for those time-sensitive transfers that require delivery by a certain day and time, eliminating additional port expenses and uncertainty.

Full truck and part load deliveries across the UK

We provide a thorough, safe, and speedy service to customers who demand regular and large delivery of complete cargoes. Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to use the optimum truck for the job, ensuring that you get the greatest value delivery at a time that is convenient for you and your clients.

Care, competence, and dependability are critical components of our culture. Conquest Logistics’ success is founded on consistently offering exceptional levels of service to clients. Our services are customised to your needs, ensuring that your business receives the most cost-effective transportation option available.

Conquest Logistics is well-recognised as a major supplier of full and half load transport services in the UK and Ireland, with a wealth of expertise in transport and shipping.

Pallet network

As a member of THE Pallet Network, we offer unrivalled palletised freight distribution capabilities, as well as substantial storage and warehousing facilities. You’ve come to the right place if you require dependable, cost-effective, and professional transport for palletized products anywhere in the globe. We also provide container decanting, storage, inventory control, and order pickup and fulfilment.

Hazardous Cargo

Conquest Logistics can meet your demands for safe, cautious, and time-sensitive transport of hazardous products across the UK.

Hazardous products are described as objects that, if not handled carefully, might cause harm to people, the environment, or both. Storing hazardous items in one area is risky enough, but moving them from one site to another adds another layer of difficulty.

How does hazardous goods delivery work?

If you are looking for a courier to transport your hazardous products, the first step is to contact us and give us the necessary delivery details.

We’ll need to know exactly what needs to be transported so that we can choose the best delivery truck for you. If your items, for example, require temperature control, we can utilise a refrigerated vehicle for your order.

After we get the order, we will dispatch one of our experienced hazardous goods couriers to retrieve the products and securely load them into our vehicle of choice. We can work with you to guarantee that your products are loaded precisely according to your specifications, as well as meeting the health and safety standards for UK transportation.

Your hazardous items will be delivered door to door, from one site to the next. We do not do switchovers or needless shut-downs. We recognise that many hazardous products deliveries are time-sensitive, and we will work hard to get your item to its destination as soon as possible.

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